Sunday, December 26, 2010

Setting Sail

Dear Beloved Friends,
I am writing you at the end of this holiday season not simply to wish you tidings of comfort and joy or to give you an update about my life, but I’m writing to request your help and support.
            God is so good! I’m praying that you see and celebrate his goodness during the beginning of 2011! God invites us to open our eyes and see the work he is doing in and around us. One year ago I attended a mission conference, URBANA, in St. Louis, Missouri. At the conference I expected God to confirm a calling I felt to my home church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Instead, God invited me to pursue an opportunity to encourage fellow believers and to disciple young women in Wellington, New Zealand.
This letter is to tell you that I am going to New Zealand! Saying “yes” to God and following him to a new land has been a year long process filled with frustrations, tears, joys, and excitement! I will be splitting my time between a church youth group and a local sports ministry, IGNITE SPORT, where I will mentor female high-school athletes. I am planning on being in New Zealand just under a year, but I am willing to stay longer. I am eager to share this news with you and to ask for your help!
            My goal and desire is to have my entire time in New Zealand covered in prayer by my community at home. I know that God has exciting things planned for this adventure, and I want to be able to share it with you as much as possible. What I’m asking you to contribute is some of your time and energy.
            Will you commit to praying for me on a regular basis? It can be the first Tuesday of every month, every day at 5:00 PM, or every Saturday morning. The timing is for you to choose. If you make a commitment to pray for me, please tell me! I am going to take a calendar to New Zealand with your name written on the days you’ve committed to praying for me. That way, I can pray for you the same day you are praying for me! My hope is that this network of prayer will keep us connected although we are far apart. You can send your responses to me through email or to my home address. I also invite you to send any encouraging letters, scripture, or pictures as well! You can also follow my adventures on a blog! Call me if you have any questions, and please mail anything you may send me by February 5, 2011. Love and Peace to you!